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RedMax understands that landscaping professionals have varying interests and priorities when selecting outdoor power equipment. While these professionals universally prefer innovative design and quality manufacturing, some do not want or have the space to accommodate a full inventory of large-scale power equipment products.

As part of RedMax’s ongoing commitment to meet users’ needs in the field, we have developed the very flexible and useful Maxtreme. Utilizing our patented Strato-Charged engine technology, the main engine and drive shaft assembly combines with five individual tool attachments. These attachments (trimmer, pole saw, long-reach hedge trimmer, edger and power sweeper) can be switched out quickly and easily, making the Maxtreme truly “several tools in one” without sacrificing quality or durability. By using a single engine power source, users maintain just one engine instead of several.

What truly sets the Maxtreme apart from the competition is its seven-point, splined, solid-steel drive shaft. This high-quality design reduces vibration throughout the shaft, thereby delivering better power transfer to each attachment. In addition, the solid-steel construction of the shaft further reduces vibration during acceleration and deceleration, an invaluable feature in the field.

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Matreme EXZ2460S-PH

Maxtreme Split-Boom Trimmer

The Maxreme unit is equipped with a seven-point, splined, solid-steel dive shaft that decreases vibration and allows for increased versatility with various attachments while providing exceptional strength and reliability.

Seven different attachments are available, including an edger, hedge trimmers, pole saw, power sweeper, and a traditional trimmer heads.Perfect balance and reduced vibration enhance the MaxSpeed acceleration and deceleratioin while delivering more power to the attachments. This wide range of capabilities make this unit a great value.And with the Strato-Charged 2-Stroke engine providing unprecedented fuel economy while remaining environmentally friendly, this model is ideal for either commercial or homeowner use.

EXZ2460S-PH   Cylinder displacement: 23.6 cc

  Power output: 1.14 hp

  Fuel tank volume: 21.3 fl oz

  Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 9.59 lbs

Edger Attachment

Edger Attachmen   Fits Model: EXZ2460S-PH

Hedgetrimmer Attachment

Hedgetrimmer Attachment   Fits Model: EXZ2460S-PH

Polesaw Attachment

Polesaw Attachment   Fits Model: EXZ2460S-PH

Sweeper Attachment

Sweeper Attachment   Fits Model: EXZ2460S-PH

Trimmer Attachment

No Photo Available   Fits Model: EXZ2460S-PH

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