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Highly regarded among landscaping professionals, the commercial-grade reciprocator by RedMax can handle the most difficult trimming, edging or pruning tasks. Designed for tough everyday use, the reciprocating blades work back and forth in a scissor-like motion without high-speed spinning. This allows users to trim and edge safely without throwing objects or dangerous debris. The superior performance of this outstanding product even withstands concrete edges, water, gravel and sand.

Top performance, combined with improved safety and simple maintenance make the RedMax reciprocator a preferred choice among landscaping, garden and park maintenance professionals everywhere. The reciprocator unit operates without kickback, which normally occurs when high-speed spinning blades strike a fixed object.

Backed by a full two-year commercial warranty, the reciprocator includes many additional design features, including our patented Strato-Charged engine technology. The reciprocator stands up to the competition in quality, durability and ease of use.

The Reciprocator is 4 Units in 1: Trimmer, Edger, Hedge Clipper and Pruner The exclusive RedMax reciprocator can trim under fences, water, mulch and gravel, cut and shape sod, and shape sand traps. It can also edge along flower beds and vines, and around head stones and monuments without damage. The reciprocator can edge sidewalks, driveways and paths, planting beds and trees without harming bark. The RedMax reciprocator is the single best tool you can own.

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Reciprocator SGCZ2460S

The SGCZ2460S Reciprocator is designed for every day commercial-duty use, and is perfect for those in the landscaping industry. This highly regarded model uses reciprocating blades to trim and prune without throwing debris,and is capable of edging along sidewalks, under water, and in gravel or sand. The Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine provides unprecedented fuel economy while remaining environmentally friendly, and a speed reduction gearcase allows for maximum torque performance.

SGCZ2460S   Cylinder displacement: 23.6 cc

  Power output: 1.14 hp

  Fuel tank volume: 21.3 fl oz

  Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 15.19 lbs

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